The site is located at the end of a cul-de-sac within a residential lot.
It is built as if a one-story head is poking out of a row of two-story residential buildings.
Concrete blocks arranged in parallel crosses are stacked 10 levels high, and on top of that are girders, also arranged in parallel crosses, jutting out further than the blocks. This structure is stacked three-stories high, and the home is built by fitting floors in the 3 stories consisting of 9 square segments formed by the structure described. The walls that form the outer walls of the rooms are light and can be freely adjusted based on future housing needs.
Being small on the ground, but large in the sky, the home was built in an attempt to create a new style utilizing a sustainable method of solving various issues of residential areas by making the most of limited floor space.
This is a home representing the outward and upward expansion of life.

House B for a family

Client/ family
Location/ Niigata, Japan
Site area/ 153.42sqm
Built area/ 59.15sqm
Gross floor area/114.12sqm
Completion date/ Dec 2015
Structure/ Reinforced concrete masonry, 3story
Structure engineer/Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio
Contractor/ Kurita corporation
Photographer/ Kai Nakamura