House M for two person

It is a one-story wooden house for two women.
6m by 6m space is sit in the middle of site and kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and storage are radially spread overall the site. All these spaces are covered and organized by a big roof of wood beams made out of 2 by 12 inches lumber.Each gapbetween the spreadspacesworks as parking and entry and it sometimes gives a view of trees outside.
Living space which is filled by light from the gap, is supported by functional spaces around. This such a simple composition is expressed under a bid roof.




Client/ two person
Location/ Tochigi, Japan
Site area/ 138.75sqm
Built area/ 63.87sqm(total)
Completion date/ March 2012
Structure/ Wood flame, 1 story
Structure engineer/ Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio
Contractor/ Ikeda Komuten
Photographer/ Hironori Tomino