House M3 for a couple

It's a house like an environmental amplification device. The owner once lived in Hawaii, and it seemed that he superimposed the mental landscape of that time on this project as a final home. The site is in a residential area, requires a strong level of privacy, and there is not much nature. However, there are elements that can be called fragments of the environment, such as the wide sky, sunshine, and local winds that are unique to rural plains. To scoop and amplify them and increase the points of contact between nature and life, we prepared two boxes that control light and darkness. In the box on south side, a perforated block curtain wall of H4.4m/W13.5m/t150mm and a 17m long basin pick up the behavior of light and wind and convey it to rooms. The 2242 triangular holes change the light projection surface over time. It also changes the range of transparency of landscape depending on standing position, like a directional screen. It created a unique sense of distance in which pixelated landscapes and light coexist. On the north side, shadows of the small gardens and deep eaves create quiet areas and enhance the contrast of the house. Although not a house built to adapt to the tropical climate, we have connected the owner's precious past and new life through the tropical modernist mindset of incorporating natural phenomena and life into architecture.


Client: a couple
Location: a certain lacation
Site area: 1049.90㎡
Built area: 199.84㎡
Completion date: September 2021
Structure: Wooden : 1 story
Curtain wall structure engineer: Hidetaka Nakahara|Q&Architecture
Contractor: MASUKEN Inc.
Photographer: Kenta Hasegawa|OFP
Staff: Hiroyuki Shinozaki, Hiroki Masuda

クライアント: 夫婦
場所: 某所
敷地面積: 1049.90㎡
延床面積: 199.84㎡
完成時期: 2021.09
構造規模: 木造 平屋
カーテンウォール構造設計: 中原英隆|Q&Architecture
施工会社: 株式会社マスケン
撮影: 長谷川健太|OFP
担当: 篠崎弘之、増田裕樹