Monument for Chigasaki city

It is a peace memorial stone monument of Chigasaki park in Kanagawa prefecture. This reconstruction work for old existing one includes approx 3,500sqm surrounding landscape.

It aimed at the place where people daily use as recreation and relaxation with silent presence of the peace monument.

The monument is covered with 7mm-thick FRP with glass bead aggregate. The hole of 25mm in the diameter is made on the surface for lightweight and wind pressure-proof. 3mm-thick acrylic rings are placed inside for reinforcing these openings. This overall shape was designed in terms of structural specification and production process of FRP.




Client/ Chigasaki city
Location/ Chigasaki city, Kanagawa
Site area/ 3,535sqm
Completion date/ Mar 2008
Landscape design/ SO-GO Landscape Planning Office
Contractor/ SKD Co,Ltd
Photographer/ Takanori Matsuzaki

クライアント/ 茅ヶ崎市
場所/ 神奈川県茅ケ崎市
敷地面積/ 3,535㎡
完成時期/ 2008.03
公園設計/ 総合設計研究所
施工会社/ SKD株式会社
撮影/ 松崎孝徳