Renovation O Shimomeguro

This is a project to completely renovate a 30-year-old urban apartment building.
Existing room was located in a corner room of a condominium and was in good condition with three-sided lighting, and a total floor area of ​​108㎡. However, the fixed form of 3LDK could not take full advantage of the breadth and environment.
In addition, when looking for a house, the owner's family had the expectation of a large and intimate life, which was a detached house with a newly built garden.
From that process, all interiors were first dismantled, and existing dwelling units were reconsidered as “site” instead of “room”. Next, the box centered on daily necessities such as water and storage was placed as a “building”, and the remaining part was used as a “garden”. The “garden” is a three-sided daylight that moves through the sun all day, and if you place furniture and partitions freely, it becomes a living room or bedroom. The windows in the east and west are connected by a “garden”, and each window continues to the street and park scenery. Curved wall provided in the condensed box-shaped housework flow line, have become elements that make a small change to all be pillar-type and formwork traces of existing RC precursor "garden". While looking for a place to live like having a picnic in it, each time spends and gathers, and the family expands the diversity of life.


Client/ a family
Location/ Meguro city, Tokyo
Built area/ 108.01sqm
Completion date/ August 2019
Structure/ Wood flame
Contractor/ Uchida Sangyou
Photographer/ Fumihiko Ikemoto
Staff/ Hiroki Masuda

クライアント/ 夫婦+子ども
場所/ 東京都目黒区下目黒
延床面積/ 108.01㎡
完成時期/ 2019.08
構造規模/ 木造
施工会社/ 株式会社内田産業
撮影/ 池本史彦
担当/ 増田裕樹