Table hat

It is an extension of two-story wooden house at residential street in Odawara city.

The extended part was planed for cafe and residence. Basic structure is built up with mutually connected ten wooden big-size tables with 42mm-thick flames and 9mm-thick plywood top panel. Each of them with different size and height creates various spaces below with suitable furniture, lighting and plants. Connected ten tables look like being floated on 250mm-thick concrete slab which stood by 1.8m higher from a foundation around the residence.
There are tables, chairs and roof which covers them, and this place becomes café when a freshly poured cup of coffee comes. This such a primitive scene of cafe is considered as a structure for making this architecture. Each of space offers a place for reading, gathering, having a view of trees outside and so on. Taking small scales of furnitures in cafe as foot in the door for planning, all the places including boundary of inside and outside are gradually separated each other but are connected and shares this place at the same time. It is a cafe like a park in a peaceful residential street where people chose a favorite place and take a cup of coffee for relaxing.


42mmのフレームに9mm厚の合板を貼ることで成立させた、すこし大きな木製のテーブルを10個平面的につなぎわせることによって全体を構成している。それぞれは大きさ・高さが違っていて、その下にはその大きさにあった家具と照明、植栽などが置かれていろんな場所ができている。 平面的につながった10個のテーブルは、外周部に部分的にある基礎から1.8m立ち上がった250mm厚のコンクリートの上に載っかって地面から浮いている。


Client/ individual owner
Location/ Kanagawa, Japan
Site area/ 341.19sqm
Built Area/ 49.51sqm
Completion date/ September 2011
Structure/ Wood flame and reinforced concrete, 1 story
Structure engineer/ Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio
Producer/ Uemura Design Studio
Lighting design/ Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design
Contractor/ Sensyu, Ltd
Photographer/ Kai Nakamura