House D for a family

This house is located on a cliff with a height difference of 4.1m in the center of Shibuya. The cliff was a difficult factor to get the view that the owner wanted. We needed to plan a tall house one head higher in a densely populated residential area, while not overwhelming the old existing retaining walls and cliffs. On the other hand, the dynamic terrain consisting of the Kanto Loam Formation is also a valuable natural environment in the city. The house was planned with that duality. The basement and 1st floors are the answers for the earth. RC pillars, which look like the pile foundations below the safety angle of the cliff and extended up two floors, support 2nd floor slab. Around this rugged frame, the garden, walls, flow lines, and the scenery of the town are three-dimensionally mixed. The 2nd and 3rd floors are the answers to life. We piled wooden hut in a properly sized, on top of a high-lifted RC slab. In contrast to the lower floors, the innocent room with delicate pillars that do not block the line of sight or activities is used as a vessel for flexible lifestyle and as a space to face distant scenery and longing. It is a tower for living while observing the transition of cross-sectional dynamism of a dense and complex city.


Client: a family
Location: Kamiyamacho, Shibuya city, Tokyo
Site area: 84.80㎡
Built area: 152.88㎡
Completion date: February 2021
Structure: RC + Wooden / Basement + 3 stories
Structure engineer: Takashi Sudo / yAt structural design office
Contractor: Kawai Kenchiku Co., Ltd
Photographer: Fumihiko Ikemoto
Staff: Hiroyuki Shinozaki, Hiroki Masuda

クライアント: 夫婦+子供二人
場所: 東京都渋谷区神山町
敷地面積: 84.80㎡
延床面積: 152.88㎡
完成時期: 2021.02
構造規模: RC+木造 地下1階+3階建て
構造設計: yAt構造設計事務所合同会社 須藤崇
施工会社: 株式会社河合建築
撮影: 池本史彦
担当: 篠崎弘之、増田裕樹