House TS for two families

This house will be half of the rental housing or two-family house, in the future. It’s located in central Tokyo. Singaporean owner sought to divide the three-story house into halves in the future and to be able to live like a local in a tropical climate. The floor plan of each floor is a left-right reversal so that no difference will be made in the future, regardless of which one is rented. However, there is a large courtyard in the center of the house, and even if the room is divided in half, the courtyard cannot be divided. The two households will be indirectly connected while sharing the natural scenery such as the shade of trees and the sound of the wind. The first floor of the RC structure where guest rooms and studios are located raises the second and third floors where the living room and master bedroom are located and is finished with external insulation. By raising the volume that becomes the core of life, privacy was secured in the residential area, and by connecting the courtyard to the front road by the piloti created by raising the box, the continuity with the city was left appropriately. And we also planned balconies on each floor, with the expectation that the interior of house would have the appearance of a city, a city-like landscape. It is an attempt to connect two households, inside and outside the house, with the courtyard as the axis.


Client/ two families
Location/ Jingumae city, Tokyo
Site area/110.65sqm
Built area/ 304.00sqm
Completion date/ June 2020
Structure/ Reinforced Concrete
Structure engineer/Takashi Sudo
Contractor/ Nagata Kensetsu Co., Ltd
Photographer/ Fumihiko Ikemoto
Staff/ Hiroki Masuda

クライアント/ 二世帯家族
場所/ 東京都渋谷区神宮前
延床面積/ 304.00㎡
完成時期/ 2020.06
構造規模/ RC造
構造設計/ yAt構造設計事務所合同会社 須藤崇
施工会社/ 永田建設株式会社
撮影/ 池本史彦
担当/ 増田裕樹